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What is a typical online session?

Online students must log onto the course several times during the week, and especially early in the week to see what is due so that they can schedule time to complete reading and writing assignments, contribute to discussions, and take any tests that might be scheduled. 

Here is a typical day of an online student: 

Online Course 1. Log onto the course.
Classroom 2. Go to the classroom (or calendar) to see what is due. Many instructors post announcements online rather than email them. Be sure to check this area first.


Read or print lectures or articles provided.


Read or print guidelines to assignments.


See if a quiz or test is due.


Student Lounge

3.  Go to the student lounge (or discussion forum).


Contribute to mandatory or optional class discussions.


Respond to classmates' questions.


Ask the instructor for clarifications.

Email 4. Check email and respond to urgent messages.

5. Schedule time to complete readings, other assignments, and to take quizzes or exams.

Homework/Email 6. Submit homework (via email, the assignment desk, or in the forum). 

The order, importance, and types of tasks may vary from course to course. 
Please refer to the course descriptions available on our web site for specific 
information per course and instructor. 

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